Design a #designinterlude

An ongoing creative Instagram based challenge for all to take part in.

Starts 12 September 2020 as part of London Design Festival.

Ongoing, so no end date.

There was a time when there were no scheduled programmes on the telly for hours on end. Instead, we were given a testcard of grey tone and fluorescent stripes and squares to stare at. Like a contemporary mandala transmitted into our living rooms, they offered moments of contemplation and  a rest bite from the noise of contemporary culture. It’s time for an upgrade. Create your own testcard to post on your feeds when you need a break from personal transmission.

Studio Tucktite Director Michael Czerwinski is challenging a broad range of UK based illustrators and designers to create digital testcard reinventions to be posted on their Instagram feeds.

Follow @tucktite and #designinterlude to be inspired to create your own testcard. If you post it you must answer the three basic questions you’ve been contemplating whilst being creative: What do you want? What do you need? Where do you want to be?

Keep it square to be Instagram friendly. Vertical stripe dominant. Clashing colours and contrasting tone. Consider a central image, perhaps an enigmatic selfie.

Post from Saturday 12 September and remember to tag #designinterlude #sdt20 #ldf20

Not on Instagram? Email your testcard to and @tucktite will post it on your behalf.

Design a #designinterlude is part of ‘Interlude’, a design research project curated by Tucktite director Michael Czerwinski, Inspired by old school TV testcards and interlude films. Tucktite is using these references to get people to STOP and think about how priorities and aspirations have changed in this period of transmission interference.